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I got to talk to Henry last night! yay!! it was cool, too. That was like the best conversation I've ever had with a guy on IM. weird.

Henkthemil: hi, i'm your stalker
GonzosAsparagus: eek
Henkthemil: yeah
GonzosAsparagus: I'm so scared
Henkthemil: you should be
Henkthemil: theres good reason
GonzosAsparagus: uh huh, you're a very scary stalker
Henkthemil: haven't done anything yet, just hold on for a little bit
GonzosAsparagus: uh oh
Henkthemil: you bet
GonzosAsparagus: I'm gonna go hide....under there
Henkthemil: is my disguise blown already?
GonzosAsparagus: no, you still look like a clown
Henkthemil: ouch

GonzosAsparagus: Peach ohs: tell him he's sexy
Henkthemil: you're kidding right
GonzosAsparagus: no
GonzosAsparagus: *ahem* you're sexy
Henkthemil: i'm scared again
GonzosAsparagus: me too
Henkthemil: we can be scared together!
GonzosAsparagus: yay!!!

GonzosAsparagus: I'm bored
Henkthemil: i'm a little bored
GonzosAsparagus: are you saying I'm boring?!
Henkthemil: are you saying i'm boring!
Henkthemil: *raises voice
GonzosAsparagus: *is insulted*
Henkthemil: i'm sorry!
Henkthemil: don't be sad!
GonzosAsparagus: I'm sorry too!!!
GonzosAsparagus: *bursts into tears*
Henkthemil: i hope we can still be friends!

GonzosAsparagus: I'm bored again
Henkthemil: lets not start that again
GonzosAsparagus: why not?
Henkthemil: scroll back, it didn't have good results
GonzosAsparagus: but I'm booooored
Henkthemil: i'm sorry
Henkthemil: how can i help entertain you?

*cough* lol, awwwwww....I love Henry!
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